Marilyn’s Musings

 Marilyn Rosenhouse

Mended Hearts is an organization that gives support in a variety of ways to heart patients and their families.

One way of giving support is visiting with heart patients while they are in the hospital. The visitors are themselves heart patients, either recovered or recovering from their own heart events.

Mended Hearts visitors form an instant bond with hospitalized patients. Often they are accompanied by a caregiver (spouse or friend) who also bonds with the patient’s family members and friends in the hospital room.

Were you visited by a Mended Hearts volunteer when you were in the hospital? The hope is that it was a good experience – meeting someone who has “been there, done that” and is now well enough to demonstrate his or her own wellness by volunteering.

Best of all is when patients want to come to Mended Hearts meetings, volunteer to serve on committees, and even become visitors themselves.


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